In English.

This workshop delivered by Dan Young and co-designed with Mike Rozinsky from When & How Studios supports architects, consultants or others who have the responsibility of convening meetings, workshops or other group-work within their organisations or clients. The material taught in this session has been developed from Dan & Mike’s conversations and experiences, during thousands of hours spent designing and delivering events with individuals and organisations all over the world.

What will you get from this?

Perhaps you are…

– Looking for a mental model to help you approach meetings or workshops ?

– Curious about the potential of bringing participation into your presentation style?

– Keen to challenge your default way of preparing for events?

– Wanting to feel more confident and prepared when you walk into the room, or the Zoom?

Join us to further your group-work design practice by thinking more deeply about how to be intentional, leveraging the When & How Studios 16 Design Aspects as a guide.

To get the most out of the workshop, please bring something to take notes in and ideally a laptop or other device to access online materials or resources.