Few IT disciplines are associated to so many questions about its value as Enterprise Architecture; yet, almost every mid- to large-size company has an EA practice. But no matter how many times you start an ”Enterprise Architecture 2.0” project to change the focus, people or organization to improve your EA practice, the end result is often the same: stakeholders do not feel that they’re getting as much out of the practice as they wish they did. But what exactlydo they wish for, and what are the most common reasons for discontent? And, even more importantly, what can we do about it?

In this session, we walk through the building blocks of an EA operating model and discuss 7 universal dilemmas that we all face when setting up or restructuring an EA practice. Making conscious choices for each dilemma creates far better conditions to meet stakeholder expectations that otherwise often stay implicit throughout the design. We’ll go through the ifs and buts of each dilemma, how to quickly position oneself on each dilemma spectrum, and how these dilemmas can inform the design of a more successful EA practice.