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Like the saying “A picture is worth a thousand words”, Inera found that “An Enterprise Architecture model says more than a thousand Excel matrices”. To express an Enterprise Architecture (EA), the most crucial decisions are to select a suitable modeling-language and -tool. We discovered that the ArchiMate language and the tool Archi met all our functional and non-functional requirements, completely for free. When it came to expressing the software architecture aspect of our software systems, we had a bit of a struggle. ArchiMate is a bit too flexible and complex for us architects to use in a consistent way, which became confusing for our non-technical users. C4 came to the rescue, it’s not as flexible and complex and way more intuitive. And since it’s designed to be notation- and tooling-independent, we could easily introduce it into our model.

In this workshop, we will teach you how to express software architecture with C4 notation in ArchiMate. And how to relate it to other aspects of the EA. We will begin with a presentation and end with practical work in the Archi modeling tool.

Bring your own device for the practical work and, if you already have Archi installed, you will get a flying start. (