In today’s app-store-driven business environment, many traditional hardware companies find themselves in a position where their hardware products, which were once the essence of the business, are now merely a vehicle to carry software products and services. Hardware is increasingly becoming  “commodities” with very few physical differences, instead diversification comes from what software is hiding underneath as well as which cloud driven software services that are supporting the hardware to become more intelligent and self-aware. Already many people are selecting which car, TV-set or robot vacuum they want to buy based on software choices and the way new features and services are enabled during the lifetime of the device.

Software and cloud can make deployed hardware stay relevant for a longer time and is a more sustainable option compared with constantly pushing out new hardware to the market.

Modularization and modular software is a way to design for reuse and increase the speed to market for new features and products. The idea isn’t new, it saw first light during the 60’s, but it has mainly been driven by technology and very seldom by business requirements. To be successful in future products and services it is important to also apply a business strategy on the modularization effort. In this talk I will discuss how you can do that in a controlled and predicable way.

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