Being wrong is often seen as the worst thing that can happen™, especially when you architect, build, and run business-critical applications and services. But the increased velocity of modern software development, plus the increased need for systems to be resilient, reliable, and right has increased the pressure on teams, and in particular architects, exponentially. Never before have software owners had such an opportunity, or the power, to be wrong. We need to get better at being wrong.

Russ Miles, CEO of Reliably, discusses the tools and techniques he uses to turn inevitably being wrong into being successful at being wrong. Being wrong can be turned to your advantage, and Russ shares stories of how this has happened and also the challenges to look out for.

The myth of always being right when you architect, build, and operate software is over. You’re going to be wrong most of the time. Time to get better at being wrong and learn how to turn accidents such as outages into opportunities.

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