On October 18-19 2021, we hosted a conference for IT Architects – ITARC. This year’s conference focused on presenting cutting edge ideas, forcing attendees to constantly reflect about where these ideas fit or don’t fit with their own personal view of architecture. The conference asked architects to think about where they’ve been, where they want to go, and how they are going to get there. Rather than arguing for one particular approach or methodology, architects should be agnostic, capable of assessing different ways of solving problems and acting on these assessments, aware of many methodologies and capable of choosing different approaches for different problems.

The Rorschach architect* is something to be embraced, not reduced, restricted, or standardized to fit in a certain box – but the architect should be capable of seeing many different things in every image, not just their favorite framework or approach.

*The concept Rorschach architect is inspired by Black Tulip’s research about complexity.

ITARC is organized by Dataföreningen Kompetens and IASA.

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