For the thirteenth year in a row, on October 19-20 2020, we hosted a conference for IT architects – ITARC. This year with as both a real life conference and virtual sessions. The theme was The Future of Architecture.
Whilst we have been talking about digitalization and disruption for many years, we rarely stop to think about how the role of the architect will be disrupted. Recent years have seen challenges adapting to agile trends, cloud computing and AI. These trends change the landscape beyond recognition.
What will the architect role look like in 2025? Will it even exist in 2030? Will the industry desperately be looking for experienced architects? What should we be doing to prepare for the future? What should the architect’s relationship to emerging technologies be?

Hybrid conference

ITARC 2020 was a hybrid conference – with both a real life conference and virtual sessions. We know that for architects ITARC is not just about listening to great sessions – but about the chance to connect with other architects and share experiences and make new connections.
For ITARC 2020 we’ve though long and hard about how to recreate this atmosphere in the virtual. After working our way through various high tech options, we realized that simple connection is all that is needed! Therefore, in the ITARC 2020 virtual event, we created spaces for discussion around specific topic areas, had virtual meet and greets, connect with speakers, asking questions.
The live conference had a traditional evening event with food and drinks.

ITARC is organized by Dataföreningen Kompetens and Iasa.

Speakers 2020

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