• ITARC 2021 is a hybrid conference

    ITARC 2021 is a hybrid conference – with both a real life conference and virtual sessions.

    For you that will be attending the virtual conference, there are spaces for discussion around specific topic areas, virtual meet and greets and you can connect with speakers and asking questions.

    ! We will of course observe and follow guidelines from authorities. If real life attendance will not be able due to guidelines and restrictions ITARC will be a digital conference.

  • The COVID-19 situation and guidelines

    During the conference on site we will be observing all the latest guidelines from FHM.

    What we do to prevent the spead of COVID-19:

    - We space out participants and furnishings in the venue
    - Ensure there are alcohol-based hand sanitizer in the venue
    - Inform of general hygiene advice at site
    - We make sure to assist the participants on site to help them keep the recommended distance
    - We clean and disinfect all surfaces in the venue
    - We keep good hygiene and handle food items in a secure way
    - We stay at home if there is the slightest symptom of illness

    Here is what you can do to prevent the spread of COVID-19:

    - Stay at home even if you only have slight cold-like symptoms
    - Wash your hands often with soap and water for at least 20 seconds
    - Keep an arm’s length distance from others
    - If possible, walk, cycle or use other alternative means of transportation
    - Keep a distance from others when travel with the bus, metro, train or other public transports

  • Location and transport to the conference in Stockholm

    The address for the conference is Fleminggatan 7, at F7 Möten & Konferens in central Stockholm. Just a few minutes from Stockholm Central Station, metro, trains, buses and the Arlanda Express.

    5 minutes walk from Stockholm Central station and the metro station Rådhuset (blue line). 1 minute walk from bus station Scheelegatan (bus 1). If possible, walk, cycle or use other alternative means of transportation.

  • For you who attend the conference online

    You will receive an email containing links to the online conference a day after your registration.

    Check in 15 minutes before the conference starts to make sure your network/sound/camera are working.

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